Rock Star University Featured in Sunday’s Press Democrat


Sunday’s Santa Rosa Press Democrat newspaper featured a full-page story and photos about the epic 23 song concert Vittorio and Vincenzo performed at Rock Star University’s HOUSE OF ROCK in February.

Since you are a V² fan or participated in Rock N Roll history by personally attending V² Live, Concert 4: Girls! Stars! Money! Cars! I thought you would like to see the full page feature about the show.

Read the story and see the photos by clicking on this link.

Vittorio and Vincenzo would like to thank you again for sharing the experience with them.

A live concert CD is now being created and will soon be ready for release.

The boys are working on some more original songs and already preparing for their next concert.

They will keep you posted and look forward to seeing you at their next performance.

Thanks for being a fan.

Director of Admissions
Rock Star University
Home of V²