RSU Recording Studios and Filmworks

State-of-the-art recording studio available for rental with RSU Recording Studios and Filmworks Recording engineer.

Rock Star University House of Rock is a state of the art concert venue, soundstage, and production facility which features the finest in industry standard equipment.

The complex provides to Artists, Producers, Directors, and visiting production personnel, a separate fully equipped recording studio, in-house HD video recording and editing, consisting of a four camera, live switched production, and soundstage recording, along with worldwide streaming capabilities, on our powerful internet source. We also have an extensive network of notable rental equipment providers, if the client should need additional gear.

Our professional in-house technical staff will assist in making your production, or show, a pleasurable experience.

TRAVEL: Premier lodging with our hotel partners is available, as well as travel via the area’s major and local airports.  Sonoma County Airport is an easy commute to and from Los Angeles, as well as the Pacific Northwest.

Bands, producers, and managers: please contact us:

Jake Stillman: jake (at) stillmansound.com
Harry Gale: harrysound4u (at) gmail.com
Evan Alexander: 707-495-8570 or evanalexander36 (at) yahoo.com.

RSU Recording Studios and Filmworks News

A Unique Production/Performance Complex Blooms in a Wine Country Setting by FOH Online.

Salem notes, “With the studio, everything is integrated down to the stage, so any band can come in here and record a live concert directly to Pro Tools HD at the board and/or through the SSL in the studio. Now that all systems are refined, we can do full-on, full-blown productions, from live to post-production to mixing and mastering, including a five-camera shoot, with clients ranging from dress and technical rehearsals, live shows, video productions, to special events. There are few facilities like HOR where everything can be accomplished under one roof with one team.”

Recording Studio Equipment List

Solid State Logic (SSL) 48 Channel Duality with Delta Automation

Microphone Preamplifiers:
4 API  3124+
2 BAE 1028
8 Millenia WV-3D
32 Focusrite Rednet MP8R

Direct Input Boxes:
2 Countryman Type 10

3 Focusrite Rednet 2
Focusrite 64 Madi Bridge
2 Neve Style EQ BAE 1028
2 Tube Tech PE 1C EQ
2 Empirical Labs EL8 Distressors
Smart Research Stereo C2 Compressor
Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ
Denon DN-700C CD player

2 Custom ATC
2 PMC Two Two Five

Cue Systems:
Aviom D 800
Headphone Cue System from SSL Console

Pro Tools 10-12
Ableton 9.3
Final Cut Pro X
Waves Mercury Bundle
Waves SSL collection
Sound Toys plugins
NI Komplete Ultimate 10
Trillian Bass
Dante Control
Slate Digital Mix Rack
Slate Trigger

Mac Pro
Thunderbolt Display
Sonnet Mac Pro Enclosure

Venue Audio

JBL Vertec VT4886’s 5 per side flown, powered by Crown I-T12000’s
JBL SRX728 Double 18’s 1 per side powered by Crown I-T9000

Soundcraft Vi3000 96 input digital mixing console
48 input snake from stage to FOH with ISO split for recording studio
additional 64 X 32 Soundcraft stagebox under the stage connected via Cat5E MADI

Concurrent Live Recording:
1 Pro Tools HDX system – MADI HD via optical MADI 48k 24 bit, 64 track, Pro Tools 12
1 Pro Tools HDX system – Focusrite Rednet HD32R via Dante 48k 24 bit, 64 track, Pro Tools 12

2 AKG C 414 XLS
2 AKG D40
2 AKG Handheld Wireless
1 Audix D6
2 Audix S1
2 Audix D2
1 Audix D4
1 Audix I5
2 DPA 4006A
1 Neumann U 87 Ai
2 Shure UHFR Wireless w/ SM58 Capsules
1 Neumann U47 FET
1 Neumann M 149
2 Neumann KM 184
3 Peluso 84
1 Peluso C
1 Peluso p28
2 Sennheiser MD 441-U
2 Sennheiser 609
1 Sennheiser 901
1 Shure MX418
8 Shure SM57
5 Shure SM58
5 Shure Beta 58
2 Shure Beta 52
2 Shure SM 81
1 Telefunken M 80
2 Royer R-122 MKII

Guitars and Bass: 
AKG wireless systems, Countryman DT85 DI’s
Vocals: Crown CM311/Shure UHF-R wireless, AKG D5’s

House of Rock Monitor System:
Soundcraft Si Performer3
32×16 Soundcraft mini stage box
8 Crown Xti amplifiers with presets for either 8 Bi-amp mixes or 16 full range mixes
4 Jbl SRX712 wedge speakers
4 Jbl STX812 wedge speakers
4 channels of Sennheiser In-Ear Monitors

Guitar Amps:
6 Marshall DSL 100H
12 Marshall 1960AX (100 watt RMS lead 4×12, 16 ohms)

Bass Amps:
2 Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL
2 Ampeg Heritage SVT-810E

10 Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones
2 Countryman Type 10 DI Box
Radial JD6 Di
Radial Pro RMP
Radial SGI
2 Countryman Type 85 DI Box
3 Radial Pro D2 Stereo DI Box
2 Radial Pro D1 DI Box

1 Jands Vista I3 Console
6 Chauvet Legend 1200E Spot moving lights
6-Chauvet Legend 230SR Beam moving lights
1 Chauvet Legend 300E Spot moving light
22 Chroma Q Color Force 12 led/rgba
3-Chroma Q Color Force 72 led/rgba
2-Wireless Solutions wireless dmx transmitter and receiver
8-Chroma Q Color Force Compact led/rgba
2-Leprecon VX-2400 Series II 12ch 20amp dimmers
22-ETC Source 4 Leko 575w
1- Rosco Delta 3000 smoke machine
2- Chauvet Amhaze arena hazers
2-Aqua Fog 3300 fog machines
3- Zones of LED/rgb strips lighting the perimeter of the stage
14-LED/RGB pocket lights in corners of stage
16-LED/RGB pocket lights in a circle at end of catwalk
1- iMarc 200w follow spot(manually operated)