Vicious Rumors, Ancestors Wrath and Incredulous!


Artists: Vicious Rumors and Ancestors Wrath

Rock Star University House of Rock - Santa Rosa, CA - Get Directions

Santa Rosa’s own legendary metal band Vicious Rumors back for 1 thrashing night of metal madness along with Ancestors Wrath and the next generation of metalhead Incredulous!!!


Vicious Rumors

1985 – Soldiers of the Night
1988 – Digital Dictator
1990 – Vicious Rumors
1992 – Welcome to the Ball
1994 – Word of Mouth
1996 – Something Burning
1998 – Cyberchrist
2001 – Sadistic Symphony
2006 – Warball
2011 – Razorback Killers
2013 – Electric Punishment
2016- Concussion Protocol
2020-Celebration Decay
1992 – Plug In and Hang On, Live in Japan
1995 – A Tribute to Carl Albert , Live in Europe
2012- Live You to Death, Live in Europe
2014- Live You to Death II: American Punishment, Live in the USA
2017-Live Bang Your Head Festival DVD
1994 – The Voice
Single tracks:
– “I Can Live Forever” – KMEL compilation “New Oasis”, 1982
– “Ultimate Death” – US Metal vol. III, 1983
– “One Way Ticket” – US Metal vol. IV, 1984
– “Digital Dictator” on “Guitar Masters” (Roadrunner Records, 1989)
– “Don’t Wait for Me” on “Young, Hard & Heavy” (Atlantic Records, 1990)
– “Ship of Fools” on “The Best & the Rest of Atlantic Metal 1990” (Atlantic Records, 1990)
– “Communication Breakdown” on “Rock Business Vol.1” (Con-trast Concept Marketing, 1994)
– “R.L.H.” on “Power & Glory CD2” ((#invalid label link ID#), 1997)
– “Something Burning” on “Powermad 1997” (Global Connections, 1997)
– “Digital Dictator” on “Rock & Metal Factory” ((#invalid label link ID#), 1997)
– “Kill the Day” on “EMP Metal-Detector Vol. 2” (EMP, 1998)
– “Sadistic Symphony” on “Off Road Tracks Vol. 41” (Metal Hammer, 2001)
1990- Don’t Wait for Me
1992- Children
1994- Against the Grain
1994- The Voice
2011- Murderball
2013- I Am the Gun
2013- Electric Punishment
2014- Worlds and Machines (live video)
2016-Take it or Leave it
2016-Chasing the Priest
2016-1000 Years
2017-Bang Your Head Festival (DVD live video)
2020-Asylum of Blood
2020-Celebration Decay
2020-Pulse of the Dead
2020-Death Eternal

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