Sweet Leaf Annual Christmas Show!


Artists: Sweet leaf and Judas Rising NW Chapter

Rock Star University House of Rock - Santa Rosa, CA - Get Directions

Join us for Sweet Leaf’s Annual Christmas Extravaganza Show!

The San Francisco Bay Area’s longest running Black Sabbath/Ozzy-Randy Rhoads tribute act, Sweet Leaf, is now on Facebook! Feat.Lance Ozanix&Steve Smyth!!

Judas Rising (NW Chapter) is a Seattle Judas Priest Tribute providing an exciting, live concert experience. Join us for a true tribute to the Metal Gods!

Thrash metal with a little progressive flair.
Band Members
Forest Giulietti – Guitar, Vocals
Branden Carrell – Guitar
Stephen Coon – Bass
Rafael Bañuelos – Vocals, Drums
We’re a Bay Area prog/thrash metal group looking to do nothing more than roar out some tunes.
It’s been brewing for a while but because of the most recent additions, Incredulous is finally ready to show itself. Due to many member changes this process hasbeen long delayed.

Guitar-Branden Carrell
Guitar-Forest Giulietti
Bass/Vocals-James Giant
Vocals/Drums- Rafael Bañuelos

Founding Date
August, 2014
Formed in late 2014, in Sebastopol, CA, by Branden Carrell, Stephen Coon and Forest Giulietti. They started jamming on some riffs they had separately written here and there, with the idea of starting a thrash metal project, slowly writing material and finding the sound they were looking for. In late 2016, after a fair amount of tuning, tweaking, writing and member-swapping, they were put in touch with drummer and singer Rafael Bañuelos. After some time working together, and rotating members when needed, they settled with the configuration that is Incredulous.


Crossover thrash metal/ punk from Santa Rosa, CA.

Chris Clark – Drums
Paul McCallum – Bass Guitar / Vocals
Gage Higgins – Lead Guitar