Kill Ritual

Formed in 2010 by former members of Imagika, Dark Angel and Eldritch,
Kill Ritual launched them- selves into the metal world with their
debut CD “The Serpentine Ritual” in 2012 on Scarlet Records. The
band was immediately rewarded with great reviews and positive reaction
from fans around the world. They then completed a 30-date US tour in
the fall of 2013 and followed it up with the release of their 2014 CD
“The Eyes Of Medusa” on Golden Core/ZYX. Again, they received
great press and accolades from fans worldwide.

And once again joining forces with Scarlet in 2015, the band releasing
their third album “The Karma Machine” with the brand new sound of
Vocalist David Reed Watson (Rage Of Angels, D.N.A.). The album
produced by guitarist Steven D. Rice at his Fossil Sound Studios and
mixed/mastered by Guitar legend, King Diamond member, Andy LaRocque at
his Sonic Train Studios. The release was followed with full U.S.
touring, and European touring with Raven and Hirax. The next album has
completed under the same legendary production team. Look out for big
announcements regarding the next album and everything Kill Ritual via
their social media outlets.