Clear Conscience

Band Members
Jeff Conscience
-Lead singer , Rhythm guitar

Matt Katzin

Julian Nielsen
–Lead Guitar & Vocals

Mark Anthony

Kimmy Kennedy
-Keys & Vocals

San Francisco Bay Area

Clear Conscience brings truth, love, and audible pleasure to every set of ears the music flows into.

Clear Conscience is a mix of reggae/rock/hip hop blended properly to give you that rootsy island one love feeling. Over the past decade, the band has strived to bring great music to their fans all around the world; and in this time they have produced more than 9 amazing albums, compilation tracks, live/acoustic albums, and hope to continue providing the music fans with what they have come to learn and love!

Clear Conscience began as a studio only vision of Jeff Conscience and Scott Woodruff (of Stick Figure). With the efforts of creating albums with recording legends in the reggae industry such as: Half Pint, Tippa Irie, Edley Shine, of the Born Jamericans, success with radio play in Hawaii and California, and gracing the Billboard Charts with every release, there was much demand for “THE LIVE SHOW”!

In 2011, Clear Conscience began live shows and played some of the largest venues and festivals in the California/ Reggae scene. Since then, sharing the stage with such names as Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse, Rebelution, Iration, J-Boog, Passafire, Pepper, SOJA, The Green, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Stick Figure, Tribal Seeds, Hirie, Groundation… just to name a few; It became clear, the world was not only ready for Clear Conscience to share their music, but waiting to make them a household name with heavy demand. Collectively, with over two million views through Youtube channels, to the multi-million plays through Spotify & Apple Music combined, Clear Conscience feels nothing but Blessed for it’s support and continued success since our start.

As all things in this universe, they have evolved and bring energy, consciousness, a purpose, along with a sound message to the listeners. Their goal? To connect and create a space of awareness, of love and gathering of the minds to join the Clear Conscience tribe for a better mindset, a better earth, and a better self. more >>>